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New Staff

The expertise of Ukrainian IT specialists with New Staff – a website meticulously crafted by Codriver.


About The Project

Involved a thorough design and development process to create a visually appealing and technically sound platform to connect Ukrainian IT professionals with their prospective businesses.

Tech Stack

CMS Strapi, Next.js

Our Role

Codriver worked to build the New Staff website from the ground up, filling it with exciting animations and seamlessly integrating Strapi’s dynamic CMS.


Given the lack of experience working with similar sites, our team faced the following challenges when working on the New Staff site

First Encounter with Strapi:
Embracing a new technology presented its own set of challenges. Navigating the intricacies of Strapi for the first time demanded a quick learning curve and adaptability from the team.

Integration Complexity:
Seamlessly integrating Strapi with the website while maintaining optimal performance and user experience required strategic planning and meticulous execution.

Data Management:
Handling a database of IT specialists’ profiles and skills posed challenges in terms of efficient data management, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and a user-friendly interface.

Security Measures:
Given the sensitive nature of user data, implementing robust security measures and safeguarding against potential threats became a paramount concern for the team.

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  • Sleek and Responsive Design:
    Coderiver successfully crafted a visually appealing and responsive website that provides a seamless experience for users navigating through profiles and information.

  • Efficient Strapi Integration:
    The team mastered the integration of Strapi, leveraging its capabilities to manage content effectively, ensuring easy updates, and enhancing the overall performance of the site.

  • Dynamic Animation Implementation:
    The inclusion of animations added a dynamic touch to the website, elevating its aesthetics and engaging users with a modern and interactive interface.

  • User-Friendly CMS:
    The implementation of Strapi as the CMS (Content Management System) empowered New Staff to effortlessly manage and update their platform, ensuring the latest information is readily available to users.

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