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Wlitz – web excellence from the creators of Coderiver


About The Project

Wlitz—a website that blends aesthetic design with mesmerizing animations, crafted by the Coderiver development team for a design studio in Turkey.

Tech Stack

GSAP & ScrollTrigger,Three.js,Yeoman (gulp)

Our Role

Coderiver played a pivotal role in bringing the Wlitz website to life, crafting a bespoke site with enchanting animations. The project was meticulously curated by a team of two dedicated developers, ensuring a unique and visually captivating frontend experience.


During the project, our team encountered certain challenges that required creative solutions and collaborative problem-solving:

Embracing Ambitious Timelines
Despite the condensed schedules, we took on the challenge with enthusiasm, demonstrating our commitment to delivering a high-quality website for Wlitz.

Effective Communication Overload
Managing an abundance of communication and frequent changes, we transformed these hurdles into opportunities for improved collaboration and refined project outcomes.

Navigating Complex Adjustments
Despite facing numerous adjustments and revisions, our team showcased adaptability, turning challenges into stepping stones for enhancing the overall project development process.

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  • Breathtaking Aesthetics:
    Coderiver’s expertise in frontend development culminated in a visually stunning website for Wlitz, seamlessly blending aesthetic design principles and captivating animations.

  • Smooth User Experience:
    Despite the challenges, the website delivers a smooth and engaging user experience, showcasing the team’s dedication to creating a seamless interaction for visitors.

  • Custom Animations:
    The team successfully implemented custom animations, adding a layer of uniqueness to the site and elevating it beyond standard design conventions.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility:
    Rigorous testing ensured cross-browser compatibility, guaranteeing a consistent and flawless experience for users regardless of their choice of web browser.

  • Responsive Design:
    Coderiver prioritized responsiveness, ensuring the site adapts seamlessly to various devices, providing an optimal viewing experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Effective Collaboration:
    Despite the challenges in communication, effective collaboration between the developers resulted in a cohesive and well-executed frontend that met the client’s expectations.

  • Client Satisfaction:
    The ultimate result—a satisfied client—underscores the success of Coderiver’s work on the Wlitz website, reaffirming the team’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding outcomes.

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