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The ideal web world for Olha Uzhykova from Coderiver

Olha Uzhykova and Coderiver is a fusion of creativity and technical finesse, with Coderiver serving as the frontend maestro, giving virtuoso form to Olha Uzhykova's vision.


About The Project

The project’s objective is to create not just a website but a space where sophistication aligns with technical innovation. Ambitious goals encompass not only visual aesthetics but also the integration of intricate animations that enhance the overall user experience with the website.


Sass, Pug, JS, Gsap, Barba

Our Role

Coderiver embarked on the ambitious task of crafting a website entirely from the ground up. The mission was to not only create a website but to develop a clean and sophisticated frontend that incorporated intricate animations. This involved starting the project with a blank canvas, building the entire structure, and infusing it with a visually appealing and technically advanced frontend. The goal was to ensure that every aspect of the site, from its foundational elements to the most intricate animations, reflected the highest standards of creativity and technical excellence.


The collaboration between Olha Uzhykova and Coderiver presented a set of challenges that demanded a delicate balance of creativity and technical expertise.

The primary challenge was the stringent deadline imposed to submit the website for consideration on Awwwards, adding a layer of urgency to the project. The pressure was on to deliver a website that not only met high design standards but also featured intricate animations, all within a condensed timeframe.

Creating a site from scratch
One of the significant hurdles faced was the development of the website from scratch, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of Olha Uzhykova’s design vision. The need for a bespoke creation meant that every element, from the layout to the animations, had to be tailored to align seamlessly with the director’s award-winning design aesthetics.

Сomplex animations
The complexity of implementing highly sophisticated animations added another layer of challenge. The team at Coderiver had to overcome technical intricacies to ensure that the animations not only met the desired level of intricacy but also contributed to the overall user experience. Balancing creativity with functionality became crucial in overcoming this hurdle.

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  • Visual Aesthetics
    The website stood out for its refined and unparalleled visual aesthetics. Every element, from the layout to the details, was executed with the presentation of the highest design standards.

  • Complex Animation
    Thanks to the technical finesse of the Coderiver team, the site impressed not only with aesthetics but also with dynamic and sophisticated animation effects. Every transition, every movement of an element is a refined dance symphony that adds uniqueness to the site.

  • User-Friendly Interface
    The intuitively understandable and user-friendly interface ensures that every visitor interacts with the site easily and enjoyably. Navigation has become not only functional but also aesthetically satisfying.

  • Awwwards Competition Victory
    And the final touch was the victory in the Awwwards competition. The site has been recognized by experts as extraordinary and innovative, earning the highest recognition in the field of web design.

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