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Varfamily the world of Ukrainian restaurants was created by the skilled masters of Coderiver

Thanks to Codriver, the Varfamily website will reveal its world of the gastronomic industry


About The Project

Varfamily is an online platform for a family of Ukrainian restaurants where website is a gastronomic masterpiece brought to life through the artistry of Coderiver

Tech Stack

HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress

Our Role

Codriver was supposed to bring the Varfamily website to life, creating a unique adaptive platform with dynamic animations, providing a convenient interface and full integration into the network of Ukrainian restaurants.


Let’s note some of the challenges that the developers faced while working on this project:

Multifaceted Design Demands:
Varfamily, as a network of restaurants, required a website with diverse functionalities, from showcasing projects to providing essential information. Meeting these multifaceted design needs posed a significant challenge.

Ensuring Responsiveness for Varied Audiences:
With Varfamily’s target audience spanning diverse demographics, ensuring the website’s responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes presented a challenge in providing a seamless user experience for all.

Balancing Visual Appeal with Performance:
Incorporating dynamic animations while maintaining optimal page load times and performance required a careful balance to ensure a visually engaging website without compromising speed.

Integration Challenges:
Connecting the website with Varfamily’s existing systems and databases for project updates and restaurant information required meticulous integration to avoid disruptions and ensure real-time accuracy.

Maintaining Consistency Across Projects:
Varfamily comprises multiple restaurants, each with its unique identity. The challenge lay in creating a cohesive design that maintained consistency across projects while allowing individual restaurant branding to shine through.

Data Security:
Given the sensitive nature of restaurant data and the need for secure transactions, Coderiver faced the challenge of implementing robust security measures to protect user information and maintain the integrity of Varfamily’s online platform.

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  • Dynamic Animations:
    Leveraging their expertise, Coderiver incorporated dynamic animations to enhance the visual appeal of the Varfamily website. These animations not only catch the user’s attention but also contribute to a more engaging user experience.

  • Responsive Development:
    The team at Coderiver implemented responsive web development, ensuring that the Varfamily website is accessible and visually appealing across various devices, from desktops to smartphones.

  • Customized Web Design:
    Coderiver played a key role in designing a unique and customized website for Varfamily, ensuring that each restaurant within the family had its distinct online presence.

  • User-Friendly Interface:
    Coderiver focused on creating a user-friendly interface, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the Varfamily website, explore different restaurant projects, and engage with the content seamlessly.


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