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Explore detailing in the metaverse PDS — where intelligence meets immersion!

This project showed that the Codriver team are real masters of animation.


About The Project

Embark on a journey like never before with PDS™, the intelligent detailing platform. Dive into the metaverse with a heightened, multidimensional, and multi-sensory experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Coderiver brings innovation to life, ensuring every detail leaves a lasting, memorable impression.

Tech Steck

html, sass, gsap,three js, react (next js)

Our Role

Coderiver transformed the PDS™ detailing platform by crafting a visually stunning website from scratch, integrating an animated 3D human model, and infusing interactive elements for an immersive user experience.


To an example of some of the challenges that our team faced:

Optimizing 3D Models:
Ensuring the efficient optimization of 3D models for a seamless website experience with quick loading times.

Resolving Sound Playback Challenges:
Addressing issues related to reliable and high-quality playback of sound effects and music to enhance the overall auditory experience.

Ensuring Device Compatibility:
Making certain that the website is compatible with various devices and screen sizes to reach a broader audience.

Enhancing Interactivity:
Developing interactive elements that effectively engage users and provide a better understanding of the PDS™ platform.

Optimizing for Multicore Devices:
Resolving optimization challenges to ensure smooth operation on multicore devices, promoting stability and productivity.

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  • 3D Model Integration:
    The challenge of seamlessly integrating a 3D human model into the website while ensuring smooth animations and interactivity.

  • Enhanced User Experience:
    Creating a website that not only showcases the PDS™ platform but also provides a multidimensional, multi-sensory, and memorable experience for users.

  • Interactive Elements:
    Developing interactive elements that engage users and enhance their understanding of the PDS™ detailing platform.

  • Metaverse Immersion:
    Ensuring that the website effectively immerses users in the metaverse, aligning with the innovative and futuristic nature of the PDS™ platform.

  • Brand Consistency:
    Maintaining consistency in branding elements while incorporating innovative design features to represent the PDS™ platform accurately.


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